Dog Walking              
30 min walk- $20                                    *Additional dogs $5 each
45 min walk-$30
60 min walk-$40

 Pet Sitting
Small animal only (fish, bird, rat etc.) -varies per case
Cat  1 visit per day                                                                            -$20
Cat 2 visits per day                                                                           -$40
Dog 1 visit per day                                                                            -$25  
Dog 2 visits per day                                                                         -$40  
Dog 3 visits per day                                                                         -$55  
*These visits include potty/playtime, feeding/medication if necessary, refreshing litter box, filling food and water bowl, bringing in mail, watering plants, alternating lights and blinds, and turning on radio and television(if wanted).
*Overnight visits (12 hours)                                                           -$75
*additional pet charge may apply
**this is usually 8pm-8am

We now offer  boarding. This is on a case by case bases and is dependent upon the size, breed, and temperament of the pet.                                              

Dogs  per day                                                                                    -$50
*this is for a 24 hour period, anything that extends over the 24 hours will have an additional charge of our normal day fee of                                                                                                          -$30
*at our home the pets get free run of the home and will be around humans all day. They will only be crated if that is your preference.

Rain or Shine
Pet Care
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